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Rate ICO platform which consists of experts in IT, blockchain, business & marketing, will make the ICO market cleaner and more transparent. RateI.CO will not allow potential investors to be confused by hype, Fear Of Missing Out or Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Experts from various fields will analyze and rate each ICO on a measure of trustworthiness, which potential investors can use to help guide them in their endeavors. Reviews will be available in 11 different languages. STARS tokens purchased during the ICO (or at a later time on an exchange) will enable the holder to participate in the RateI.CO ICO auction. RateI.CO is currently working on new features, which include: additional parameters under which an ICO can be rated, tools for investors and ICO teams. Many are currently unaware of the importance and benefits which our project brings to the sphere of ICO’s.


  • Inventor Bitcoin Inc. 2009 – Present Tokyo, Japan
  • Constuctor Tesla 2005 – 2009 Tokyo, Japan


Hi there How are you? Tnx, i am good and you?
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Welcome to ICO MARKET 2.0 - In Blockchain We Trust!
11:21 AM
Demo mode - basic functions will be available after launching the beta version
11:33 AM

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