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By Investing in Efficiency You Make a Real Profit!


New Order of Fairness in Crypto

RateI.CO platform which consists of experts in IT, blockchain, business & marketing, will make the ICO market cleaner and more transparent. RateI.CO will not allow potential investors to be confused by hype, Fear Of Missing Out or Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Experts from various fields will analyze and rate each ICO on a measure of trustworthiness, which potential investors can use to help guide them in their endeavors. Reviews will be available in 11 different languages. STARS tokens purchased during the ICO (or at a later time on an exchange) will enable the holder to participate in the RateI.CO ICO auction. RateI.CO is currently working on new features, which include: additional parameters under which an ICO can be rated, tools for investors and ICO teams, and an internal STARS exchange. Many are currently unaware of the importance and benefits which our project brings to the sphere of ICO’s. However, RateI.CO is currently garnering attention and interest from many investors and industry experts alike.

About - Team & Advisors - Experts - Roadmap
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At the moment Joined 346 ICO Projects & 189 Experts

Special Offer for First Investors up to +300%


Disadvantages & Weaknesses of the current IСO MARKET
  • Scam Projects
  • Money Laundering
  • Weak estimates
  • Weak standards
  • Weak Information Security
  • Loss of confidence in the industry
  • Hype exposure and marketing techniques
  • Difficulty of starting an ICO project without a large budget
  • Complexity in the selection of advisors
  • Difficulty in getting the first feedback on a project or idea
  • Lobbying of branded investment companies projects
  • Lobbying of projects from the influential people
  • Conflicts of interest for projects involved in the analysis and evaluation of ICO
  • No specific structure accountabilty for bounty campaigns
  • No fixations in history of amendments to ICO
  • Loss of investors money
  • Regulators of certain countries can toughen their conditions.
  • Complexity of access to local markets.
  • There is not one space for the ICO community as a whole.
  • There is no convenient infrastructure where companies and freelancers can offer their services to ICO projects
  • There is no transparency after the sale of the tokens, lack of reports on the attracted capital.
Market problem & our solutions

While many enthusiasts are turning to the ICO market, most are without resources to understand events and their significance. is currently garnering attention and interest from many investors and industry experts for its role in spreading awareness of the importance and benefits of a more critical, professional approach to ICOs.

The platform consists of experts in the spheres of IT, blockchain, business, financial & marketing who are looking at the emerging ICO market with professional cautious optimism. They're a community united by one thing - experienced and sober assessment of business. We've come together to be a force to make the ICO market cleaner and more transparent. experts will not allow potential investors to be confused by hype, scare tactics, uncertainty or doubt. experts analyze and rate each new ICO against a range of metrics to measure its viability which potential investors can use as a guide in making investment choices. Reviews will be available in 11 different languages.

Stars will used as points (bonuses) system and will not generate any equity. Stars token creates utility for platform, and with STR you can:

Earn STR as experts on platform Use STR on ICO Marketplace Earn STR as translator Earn STR in affiliate program Participate in an auction as ICO project As points for ideas, competitions Teams and ideas, its will be also as freelance platform Use STR it for order tools for ICO projects & investors Use for additional functionality, services, gamification
Buying tokens, and participating in our project, you completely agree with all Terms and conditions
The 3 Pre-sale Bonus Round 16119STR Sold

3 Bonus round ( 1 ETH = 450STR ) will end at most:
15 Days 06 Hours 34 Mins 35 sec

*or if 90,000 [STR] will sold

Compatible wallets
The following wallets are known to be compatible with Ethereum tokens (ERC-20 standard):
MyEtherWallet (no download needed) MetaMask (Firefox and Chrome browser addon) Mist (Desktop) Parity (Desktop) imToken (iPhone) imToken (Android)
Do not use any of the exchanges wallets to participate in the Pre-Sale e.g. Bittrex, Poloniex, Coinbase
Reveal your tokens in wallet
For ethereum foundation/mist wallet Go Contracts -> Watch tokens -> Paste this token address in address field
Token Symbol - STR,
Decimals - 8
For metamask wallet Go tokens -> Add token -> Paste this token address in address field
*Smart contract Verified in Ethereum blockchain
*Pre-sale 1-4 (Seeds) Rounds will going until the last sold STR with bonus rate (Max 800ETH)
*Main ICO Round Dates will extend for 30 days from the last sold STR with bonus rate

Official English Announcement thread on Bitcointalk | Russian | Romanian | Indonesian

Rate ICO - Team & Advisors

Airat Zagidullin Founder - Rate ICO
More than 15 years experience in IT sphere as Front-end / Back-end developer, PHP/JS/High-Load, UI Designer, 10 yesrs in sales from IT to Luxury Apartments, Inventor, Business strategist, fan of automation
Andrey Lipchenko Java / Python / PHP Web-Developer
More than 10 years in IT as Back-end Developer in Telecom & software companies
30 years experience of management, capital market trading, risk assessment (RCSI Responsible for Compliance and Internal Supervision / French Central Bank Certificate), Islamic Finance, organizationaland financial consultancy
Paris Area, France
Dilip Chandar (DC) Co-Founder at iitbit & iniwu labs / Network Architect / Blockchain Evangelist / Ethical Hacker / Backend Developer and Crypto Investor
10 years of experience in software development and network security industry.
Chennai Area, India
Alex Dahan Founder at OpenInfluence ★Forbes 30 Under 30
huge experience in Marketing Strategy, Influencer / Digital Marketing and Branding, in 30 Most Brilliant Young Entrepreneurs of 2017 by Forbes 30 Under 30.
Greater Los Angeles Area
Simon Cocking Senior Editor Irish Tech News | co-founder, Editor in Chief CryptoCoin.News | ICO Advisor
Company founder / writer / journalist / content creator / digital marketing advisor
Winner of Irish Web Awards 2014, best Science & Technology category Winner 2016 Littlewoods Best Ireland Blog for Digital & Tech
Dean Cannell Founder at CoinFabric, Investor, Advisor
13+ years experience working with startup technology companies helping them from idea to funding or acquisition - Investor, Advisor
Raman Korneu, CFA, FCCA Partner, Co-Founder, Nemera Capital Group
Before joining NCG, Mr. Raman has held several senior positions such as: Group CFO of ID Finance, and a CFO of Locko-Bank. He also worked at EY and PWC for almost 10 years and participated in over 100 projects
University of Cambridge
London, United Kingdom
Per Lind Co-founder at IOTA Foundation, Project Shivom, Toridion Quantum Computing Lab.
With huge experience in business development, Partner & Co-founder in few new and exciting software companies, Mentor at StartupBootcamp and work closely with regulators to boost the ecosystem surrounding the innovative technologies he finds interesting.

Do you have expirience in Cryptoworld or Blockchain?

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Join as an expert in cryptoworld, we will make additional rating system

Already on the Board of Experts:

Rasool Verjee M.A. LLB Blockchain Entrepreneur | Cryptocashx | University of Cambridge
Toronto, Canada Area
Desmond Marshall Top Investor+Advisor: ICO/Crypto/IPO projects; advisory & full process/repackaging/listing services; MD Rouge Ventures
City University of Hong Kong, MBA

Hong Kong, China
Michael Kaiser CEO & founder of Blocklancer
LambdaDynamics Leopold-Franzens Universität Innsbruck
Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria
Esteban van Goor Managing Partner (Venture Capitalist) Megalodon Capital / ICO Advisor
Megalodon Capital | SOB
David Do Director, International Finance Investment Joint Stock Company
International Finance Investment Joint Stock Company MBA : Southern Colombia University
Piers Dryden Partner at Ogier, Oxford University
Ogier St John's College, Oxford University
United Kingdom
Benjamin Jessel Managing Principal at Capco
Capco The University of Reading
New York
Anton Makarov Risk management specialist at Sberbank
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Aman Samra Senior Tax Associate at Collins Barrow
Wilfrid Laurier University
Toronto, Canada Area
Geoffrey Handley Founder | Helper | Investor | China since the 70's
Shanghai, China
R. Mitteysh Founder - Cryptech Ltd. | Jams Star Technologies
Mumbai University Mumbai
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Deepak Purswani IIEC Certified Blockchain Professional | Blockchain Project Manager | ICO investor | Conference Panelist
Tata Consultancy Services SIES college of Management Studies
Mumbai Area, India
Luiz Enriquez Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Evangelist ► Digital Transformation ► FinTech ► CIO/CTO ► Strategic Innovation
Blackcomb Consultants The University of New Mexico
Austin, Texas
Albertus (AJ) Smith Serial Tech Investor/Entrepreneur
VerifyUnion University of the Free State/Universiteit van die Vrystaat
Auckland, New Zealand
Yari Romero Angel Investor and Advisor focused on Blockchain technologies
OPV Investments - Universidad Metropolitana (VE)
Sainath Gupta Artificial Intelligence Services | Polymath | Fintech | BlockChain
AnythingAI Startup Leadership Program
Hyderabad Area, India
Daniel O'Loughlin Founder at Populi Capital
Trinity College Dublin
N. Gina Malak Interoperability Project Manager | HL7 Epic Interface Analyst | Corepoint, Rhapsody Dev | Blockchain Adviser
Malak Consulting Trinity College and University
Greater Atlanta Area
Mike Shokin, CFA Advisory Board Member at CoinLoan
School of Oriental and African Studies, U. of London
Greater Philadelphia Area
Maria Thomas Cybersecurity Professional | Crypto Currency Investor/Consultant
Expert Cybersecurity Professional CTU Bellevue University

Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida Area
Benjamin Theobald Online Entrepreneur, Consultant, Advisor & Investor (Blockchain - Lisk - NEO - Ethereum technology investment)
Christopher Bell Cryptocurrency Consultant | ICO Advisor | Product Manager
Bellblock LLC Quinnipiac University - School of Business
Seattle, Washington
Shishir Gupta Author of Startup Easy | Lawyer | CEO of Institute of Advanced Studies in Education
New Delhi, Delhi, India
Sam Tilston ICO Advisor | Entrepreneur
Megabit Coin The University of Birmingham
London, United Kingdom
Ben Lakoff, CFA Group Head of Planning & Reporting at RMA Group
Intelligent Trading Technologies Ball State University
Bangkok Metropolitan Area, Thailand
Tim Rocho Fintech Executive with extensive background in Cryptocurrency, Prepaid Cards and Merchant Services.
Pecunia Advisors University of South Florida
Chandler, Arizona
Dennis Hess BTC/Blockchain Expert/Enthusiast. Crypto Investing Expert. I.D.E.A man (Innovate, Disrupt, Energize, Achieve)
Blockchain Believers LLC University of Maryland European Campus
Alpharetta, Georgia
Mervyn G Maistry The Konfidio Ventures Ecosystem @ MBA- Corporate Finance and IT - Graduate School of Business - Cape Town
Berlin Area, Germany
Henrique Centieiro Bitatlas - Blockchain Consulting and Trading | Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa
Milano, Lombardy, Italy
Muhammad Haroon Blockchain Tech Pvt Ltd ( A Planet N Group Company)
Institute of Business Administration
Valentin Kahn Founder BlockchainHub Zürich | Bitnation Ambassador | CEMS Student
Credit Suisse CEMS - The Global Alliance in Management Education
St. Gallen, Switzerland
Daniel Roca Application Architect at BNP Paribas Personal Finance - CET
The Talent Academy - CETELEM BNP PARIBAS
Sergei Logvin Blockchain and ICO Advisor/ Community management, HR advisor
Blockchain University
Wroclaw, Poland
Othalia Doe-Bruce MBA, CIPM, CED - Manulife Asset Management
Baruch College
Toronto, Canada Area
David Kerr III Entrepreneur. FX/Cryptocurrency Market Strategist, CTA - Centro Markets
The Wharton School
San Francisco, California
Harry Bedi Head of Foreign Exchange and mentor
Bluefin Trading LLC - Henley Business School
Greater London, United Kingdom
Anuj R KHANNA Strategic Advisor - Venture Capital - Private Equity - ICO Advisor - Fintech - Blockchain - M&A - Prime Realty
Peak State Consulting The University of Sheffield
London, United Kingdom
Vyacheslav Popov CEO at SberCrypto investment fund project
Academy of Finance and Economics
Moscow, Russia
Filipe Castro CIO | Cryptocurrency Evangelist | TGE/ICO Advisor
UTRUST - China Europe International Business School (CEIBS)
Zürich, Switzerland
John Paul Elias IOTA Maximalist, Partnerships Director at Razz Interactive
Senior Managing Partner at 72M Investments - University of Miami
Miami, Florida
Sam Butler Financial Markets Professional, Derivatives/Blockchain - University of Central Florida
Greater Nashville Area
Patrick Gray President & Co-Founder sCube Inc
[s] Cube Inc Siena College
Albany, New York Area
Adnan Javed Technologist | Blockchain Startup Advisor | Lawyer | Speaker | Inventor
CellOS Software Limited - Leo Cussen Centre for Law
Melbourne Area, Australia
Kevin Cohen Engineer-Manager || Entrepreneur || Blockchain specialist & speaker
Wavestone - Ecole centrale de Nantes
Paris, France
Kevin Cohen Co-Founder -
Westcon academy
Greg Wooten FinTech CEO - SecureBuy
AT&T School of Business & Technology
Anthony Sousa CEO - Blockchain Champions | VP of Business Development - Digital Currency Association
Walden University
San Francisco Bay Area
Airat Zagidullin
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*Stars will added for current STARS Balance